Chocolate Spreads

We have a selection of chocolate spreads made locally by artisans in Italy, made with the highest quality ingredients and very high percentages of cocoa.

The first Original spread, the famous "Gianduja", is a blend of the best Piedmont Hazelnut and Venezuelan chocolate, in addition to which we also offer eight different varieties and blends.



  • vegan
  • at least 60% main ingredient
  • no milk or dairy products
  • no added fats, emulsifiers or food colourings
  • gluten free
  • palm oil free
  • minimum sugar, with 7 varieties containing no sugar

Our Selection


The Gianduja spread. 60% Piedmont IGP hazelnut cream and Venezuelan pure chocolate. NO MILK, NO DAIRY PRODUCTS.

The Chocolate Fudge spread. 60% Piedmont IGP hazelnut cream and more Venezuelan pure chocolate. NO MILK, NO DAIRY PRODUCTS.


Pure Hazelnuts 60%, Crystallised Maltitol, Cocoa powder, Venezuelan Cocoa Mass, NO SUGAR, NO MILK, NO DAIRY PRODUCTS.

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Made by

Cioccolato Puro is a small company in the North of Italy which specialises in all things chocolate. From ice creams to pralines, their products have enjoyed huge popularity among the local community and we hope to bring the exquisite taste of their products and passion for quality here in the UK.

Imported and distributed by

4Quality is an importer of Italian food in London and the UK with an eye for top quality products that have already seen success in their local area. We work in support of family-run businesses - and in fact are one ourselves. All of our foods are rigorously picked so ensure we provide stores with the best that Italy has to offer.